Paysafecard is a prepaid sportsbook deposit option for funding accounts at online gambling sites. Similar to Ukash, the Paysafecard system allows players to convert cash into vouchers for making sportsbook deposits at betting sites, and also works for online shopping. Based out of Austria and open since 2001, Paysafecard is especially popular in Germany, Hungary, and most of Western Europe. Paysafecard is also growing in popularity in Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America.

Best Paysafecard Sportsbooks

Using Paysafecard as a sportsbook deposit method is increasing in popularity due to the fact that Paysafecard is 100% safe, and there are absolutely no fees involved in the transactions made online, including depositing into sportsbook and online bookmaker accounts. Available at over 200,000 locations around Europe and quick expanding into other areas, Paysafecard is one of the easiest ways to deposit real money into online sports betting accounts.

Paysafecard sportsbook deposits are prepaid but also 100% safe and anonymous, users purchase a 16 digit pin code to use as cash instead of submitting personal credit card details to sportsbook and betting sites. aysafecards can be purchased at most convenience stores, markets, and petrol stations across Europe and these cards come along with a 16 digit unique PIN code.  In order to make deposits at sportsbook sites online with Paysafecard, players only have to enter this pin code in the cashier client of their preferred sports site.

Online Sports Betting Using Paysafecard Is Easy

Betting on sports using Paysafecard couldn’t be easier, as they are available almost anywhere and simple to use. As a regulated company, Paysafecard only allows the most reputable sportsbooks to accept Paysafecard. Which is the best sports betting site to bet online with Paysafecard? Right now there are many online sportsbooks that accept Paysafecard as an online payment method and thanks to the fact that there are absolutely no fees, sports betting fans love it. Below is our list of reccomended Paysafecard accepting sportsbooks:

Funding your Paysafecard account is easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do is buy the Paysafecard prepaid card and funds are instantly available to deposit at sportsbook sites. Paysafecards work just like cash and is available in denominations of 5, 10, 25 Euros or more. Paysafecards can be combined, split, and used partially. If you have a large balance on a Paysafecard but just want to bet on one sporting event, no problem. Change is returned back to the card if the purchase is less than the available balance. It is pretty easy to use and a very convenient way for punters to make a quick bet. Serious players and high rollers who wish to place larger bets at sportsbook betting sites can combine two or more Paysafecards, up to as many as ten cards altogether.

In order to obtain these cards, users are not required to submit any of their financial information. Simply go to a paypoint retail location and turn cash into a voucher, you can also purchase a Paysafecard for sportsbetting with a credit or debit card. Paysafecards are similar to prepaid phone cards or international calling cards. Once used, the same pin code can not be used again and simply gets thrown away.

Paysafecard doesn’t allow withdrawing your sportsbook winnings back to the same card. Money won betting on sports has to be withdrawn from the sportsbook account through bank wires or by requesting the check.

Paysafecard Deposit Fees

At Paysafecard there are absolutely no fees. When you purchase a Paysafecard voucher to bet on sports, you can deposit the entire amount you paid for the card at the sports betting site you choose to play at.

When it comes to security Paysafecard is one of the best. Thanks to its unique and innovative payment system, you will no longer have to worry about internet fraud. There will be only one thing that you can do to be sure that you will never have problems with Paysafecard, you will have to make sure that your PIN code will remain private, this is why we suggest that you keep the Paysafecard in your wallet all the time.

Paysafecard is regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK and therefore, the rules are pretty strict. The site continuously monitors users so as to prevent underage gambling and ensure safe and legal transactions. Some of the major sportsbooks that accept deposits through Paysafecard are Unibet and