Betting on sporting events has existed since ancient times, however with the advent of sporting events, the activity is gaining a lot of popularity online. Loads of online sportsbooks have been introduced and at the time when they were brought online, credit cards were the only means to transfer funds on the sportsbook account. By the nineties, there were other payment methods introduced on the web but credit cards still remained a preferred way to deposit funds into sportsbook accounts. In recent times, there has been a lot of fraudulent activity as far as credit card transactions are concerned. Therefore quite a lot of banks have started blocking the use of credit cards on online sportsbooks. With the change of the laws in some countries, a handful of the major credit card companies have restricted the use of credit cards. However, there is still some hope for the credit card users, since there are some sportsbooks that still accept deposits or wagers through credit cards.

Deposit at Sportsbooks Using Credit Cards

In order to make credit card deposits on the sportsbooks, the players are required to register the credit card on the sportsbook. The players will also be required to enter some of their personal information such as their name, billing address of the credit card, security code as well as the expiration date of the card. Once all these details are entered on the sportsbook interface the players can then transfer funds to the sportsbook account and get started with their wagers instantly. There is no waiting period when the deposits are made through credit cards. There are also no fees attached to use credit cards on online sportsbooks. However, it would be best to consult the credit card companies about any charges applied by them. All the deposits made on the online sportsbooks are listed as purchases on the credit card statements. Therefore it is necessary to keep a track of all the wagers placed with your credit card. In a few instances, there are some toll free numbers listed besides the sportsbook company. If there are any unknown transactions on the statement, the players must report instantly to the credit card companies and also verify it with the online sportsbooks.

Credit Card Companies Protect Your Details

Before placing wagers through your credit card, you must always check the privacy policy of the sportsbooks you are considering. This is to ensure that the information you enter on these betting sites is not exchanged with any third party organizations which endorses fraud. A majority of the companies do provide secured transactions and the information exchanged is usually encrypted.